Ion channel cell lines

Application Notes

Many of SB's ion channel cell lines have been validated by external vendors for compatibility with automated patch clamp systems. Below are some of the application notes published to date.

Sodium Ion Channel Assays

  Nanion SyncroPatch 384PE

Cell Line Application Note
SB-HEK-Cav1.2 20170116-Cav1.2-Nanion
SB-HEK-Ano1 (TMEM16A) 20170116-TMEM16A-Nanion
SB-HEK-TREK1 20170511-TREK1-Nanion
SB-HEK-TASK1 (Request)
SB-HEK-TRESK (Request)
SB-HEK-TRAAK (Request)
SB-HEK-GluR2 20180608-GluR2-Nanion
TRP Ion Channel Assays

  Sophion QPatch

Cell Line Application Note
       SB-HEK-Nav1.1 20170101-Nav1.1-QPatch
      SB-HEK-Nav1.2 20170101-Nav1.2-QPatch
     SB-HEK-Nav1.5 20170101-Nav1.5-QPatch
     SB-HEK-Nav1.7 20170101-Nav1.7-QPatch
    SB-HEK-TRPV3 20170101-TRPV3-QPatch

  Sophion Qube

  Cell Line       Application Note
    SB-HEK-Ano1 (TMEM16A)                 20170116-Ano1-Qube         
SB-HEK-Cav1.2          20180309-Cav1.2-Qube