Human Blood Fractionation

Isolation of cell types for inflammatory assays.

SB's blood-based inflammatory assays are run using fresh human whole blood or leukocytes separated into their various sub-types following density and/or magnetic separation. Fresh human blood is derived from a pool of selected donors with known medical history and known pattern of response in standard assays. Blood is available for use in our assays immediately after sampling. Repeat donor sampling is available for follow-up studies.

Blood Fractionation

Blood Fractionation

Cytokine Profiling

Cytokine profiling assays are designed to measure the levels of cytokines and chemokines released from target cells. SB uses whole blood, PBMCs and fractionated cells to assess key cytokine levels following stimulation. These assays can be customized to detect specific cytokines or chemokines of interest, including a range of Th1 and Th2 cytokines, chemokines and growth factors. Visit our cytokine profiling page for more details.

TNFa assay

Figure 1: TNF-α measurements following stimulation of fresh human PBMCs with anti-CD3/CD28.


TNFa assay

Figure 2: dose-dependent effect of beclomethasone on TNF-α release following stimulation of fresh human PBMCs.


Functional Assays

SB offers a range of off-the-shelf functional assays using fresh human blood including superoxide release (respiratory burst), neutrophil elastase release, cyclic nucleotide accumulation and proliferation assays. For further information on these functional blood-based assays click here.

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