Cell line development

Cell Line Development

Customized cell line generation designed to meet your screening needs.

Stable cell lines expressing recombinant targets such as ion channels and GPCRs are commonly used in a number of research applications including drug discovery screening and safety assessment. SB has overseen generation of more than 200 functionally validated custom cell lines with particular focus on over-expression of membrane proteins. Our cell line generation services can be tailored to your needs including choice of host cell, constitutive or inducible expression and customized validation.

Cell Line Development

SB specializes not only in generating cell lines expressing human targets but also in species variants and disease related mutants. Our extensive experience has provided invaluable understanding of the complexities faced in generation of such cell lines.

Ion Channel Expertise

SB has extensive expertise in generation of stable ion channel cell lines and has produced cell lines expressing over 150 functionally validated targets. All cell lines are characterized by electrophysiology using standard reference compounds.

Ion channel cell line generation

Hear what our clients say:

SB has generated and validated (electrophysiology and calcium assays) for us a new cell line expressing a specific ion channel in a short time and reasonable price. SB has demonstrated its professionalism and knowledge in the area of ion channels with continious updates and reports during cell line generation and validation. We highly recommend SB for cell line generation.

       - Ion Channel Drug Discovery Group Leader, European Pharma

We have commissioned SB Drug Discovery to develop four ion channel cell-lines which were delivered in a timely manner. The professional service provided by SB Drug Discovery as well as the high quality of the generated cell-lines give us the confidence to consider SB Drug Discovery as a reputable partner for our future projects.

       - Biology Head, European Biotech

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