GPCR Services

GPCR Services

Radioligand binding & cell-based GPCR assays.

SB Drug Discovery's GPCR assays enable the evaluation of binding and downstream effects of small molecules against a wide variety of GPCR targets. Our assays employ radioligand binding and whole-cell assays in order to investigate affinity and nature of binding.

Using radioligand binding to determine binding affinity and whole-cell cAMP and calcium assays to distinguish between agonists, antagonists and allosteric modulators, SB can perform HTS, dose-response studies and selectivity profiling against a broad panel of GPCR targets. Our GPCR safety panel also enables off-target assessment against a core selection of critical receptors.

Need a GPCR cell line? Trust SB's experienced Cell Line Development team to deliver a cell line that fits your exact screening requirements.

GPCR screening & profiling
GPCR safety panel