Ion Channel assays

Ion Channel Services & Cell Lines

A comprehensive panel of functionally validated ion channel assays & cell lines.

SB Drug Discovery has generated an extensive panel of ion channel screening assays comprising more than 80 ion channel targets and over 200 ion channel assays. Our validated assays utilize fluorescence, manual patch clamp and automated electrophysiology platforms and can be customized to meet you needs.

ion channel electrophysiology

Whether you are performing HTS or lead optimization against your target of interest, selectivity profiling using a customized panel of your choice or checking for safety liabilities, SB has a validated assay and platform fit for purpose.

SB's flexible service allows for any single channel or combination of channels to be tested as part of a customized panel, using your specified concentration range and assay protocol.

Off-the-shelf Cell Lines

SB's ion channel cell lines are also available for purchase. Flexible agreements are available based on proposed usage, including academic research, in-house pharma / biotech usage or commercial CRO purposes. All cell lines are provided with validated culture SOPs and are backed up with excellent technical support and customer service.

Custom Ion Channel Cell Line Development

Development of such an extensive panel of ion channel cell lines and assays has provided SB with a wealth of expertise and troubleshooting knowledge to enable development of even the most challenging ion channel cell lines. Visit our cell line development page for more details on our flexible development services.

Cell Line Development
Safety Assessment