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Ion Channel Services & Cell Lines

A comprehensive panel of functionally validated ion channel assays & cell lines.

SB Drug Discovery has generated an extensive panel of ion channel screening assays comprising more than 150 ion channel targets and over 200 ion channel assays. SB's portfolio includes comprehensive panels of voltage-gated channels including sodium, calcium and potassium channels, ligand-gated channels such as GABAA, nACh and glutamate receptors as well as the largest commercial source of TRP channels. Our validated assays utilize fluorescence, manual patch clamp and automated electrophysiology platforms and can be customized to meet you needs.

SB's specialist ion channel team, led by Dr Davide Pau (right), continues to grow exponentially alongside our expertise and reputation in the ion channel field. 

With an expert team of Project Leaders, electrophysiologists and highly experienced scientists, SB has validated an extensive panel of ion channel cell lines and assays suitable for identifying and characterizing ion channel modulators.

Whether you require HTS or routine lead optimization for your target of interest or selectivity profiling using a standard or customized panel of your choice for safety liabilities, SB has a validated assay and platform to meet your needs.

SB's flexible service allows for any single channel or combination of channels to be tested as part of a customized panel using your specified concentration range and assay protocol.

Dr Davide Pau Dr Davide Pau Head of Electrophysiology

High Throughput Screening

SB's high throughput ion channel screening team incorporate both fluorescence-based FLIPR assays and automated 384-well electrophysiology to design, optimize and run ion channel HTS programs with a clear focus on ensuring meaningful data and successful outcomes within client-driven timelines. With a dedicated ion channel cell biology team on hand to supply high quality cellular reagents, SB can rapidly screen compounds against even the most challenging ion channel targets.

Lead Optimization

High throughput ion channel screening is complimented by flexible, rapid ion channel profiling services using standard or custom-designed assay protocols to ensure accurate ranking of highly potent ion channel modulators. SB is well equipped to meet time-critical demands and specializes in optimization of resources to enable weekly turnaround of data in order to help progress your lead optimization phase. With over 150 ion channel cell lines, comprising both human and species orthologs, SB also offers a range of both standard and custom selectivity panels designed to measure specificity and identify undesirable off-target liabilities.

Ion Channel Screening Platforms

SB's ion channel team utilize state-of-the-art ion channel platforms to generate high quality data. Platforms include 96 & 384-well FLIPR systems, SyncroPatch 384PE automated electrophysiology and conventional patch clamp systems.

Fluorescence screening is performed using FLIPR High-Throughput Cellular Screening Systems which provide an automated solution for identifying early leads in the drug discovery process and for evaluating drug efficacy and toxicity. FLIPR offers simultaneous pipette and read function and supports fast kinetic cellular assays. It can be quickly configured based on library size, detection mode, screening format, assay and target enabling rapid transition from assay development to lead optimization.

High throughput electrophysiology screening and routine lead optimisation campaigns are run on SB's SyncroPatch 384PE platform.

Ion channel screening SyncroPatch 384PE Automated Electrophysiology

The SyncroPatch 384PE is a state-of-the-art automated patch clamp instrument with giga-seal recordings. The SyncroPatch 384PE is an excellent screening tool generating information-rich patch clamp data at a high throughput, whilst maintaining flexibility in protocol and experimental design for smaller studies, making it an ideal tool for all aspects of ion channel analysis and drug discovery. With features such as fast solution exchange, stable access resistance and internal perfusion, a wide variety of ion channels can be measured including ligand-gated, voltage-gated and calcium-activated ion channels.

Off-the-shelf Ion Channel Cell Lines

SB's ion channel cell lines are also available for purchase. Flexible agreements are available based on proposed usage, including academic research, in-house pharma / biotech usage or commercial CRO purposes. All cell lines are provided with validated culture SOPs and are backed up with excellent technical support and customer service.

Custom Ion Channel Cell Line Generation

Development of such an extensive panel of ion channel cell lines and assays has provided SB with a wealth of expertise and troubleshooting knowledge to enable generation of even the most challenging ion channel cell lines. Visit our cell line development page for more details on our flexible development services.

Ion Channel Portfolio:

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Voltage Gated Potassium Channels
Potassium Inward Rectifier Channels
Calcium-activated Potassium Channels
Potassium 2-pore Channels
GABA-A Receptors
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