PDE Assays


Experts in PDE drug discovery.

SB Drug Discovery has the largest range of commercial PDE assays including an extensive panel of full-length human isoforms, catalytic domains and species variants. Our recombinant PDE enzymes are expressed in insect cells to ensure high expression and accurate post-translational modification making them perfect for functional, cell-free PDE assays.

Phosphodiesterase-targeted drugs currently provide treatment for diseases such as heart failure, pulmonary hypertension and various inflammatory states and remain important targets in the search for novel treatments of various disease states. In addition to primary drug targets, PDEs are also associated with off-target side effects such as heart defects, emesis and disturbances to vision. As such, PDE profiling is an important step in the development of both PDE and non-PDE drug candidates.

To complement our cell-free assay capabilities, SB’s cell-based assays enable in-cell assessment of PDE activity and cAMP/cGMP levels using both recombinant cell lines and primary cells.

With over 20 years experience in phosphodiesterase drug discovery, SB  has aided in the development of many novel PDE discovery programs and can modify enzymes, produce cell lines and develop primary cell assays to meet our clients requirements whether pursuing competitive or allosteric approaches.

Selectivity Profiling
Cell Based Assays