PDE Assays

PDE Selectivity Profiling

SB's PDE Selectivity Panels are designed for fast, cost-efficient assessment of compound effect on PDE activity. The PDE 1-11 panel is composed of the most common isoform (full-length or catalytic domain) of each PDE family providing a broad overview of the selectivity profile of your compounds. The PDE 1-11 panel is also an excellent tool to quickly check for off-target effects of non-PDE targeting compounds.

Our PDE4 panel is composed of 26 PDE4 targets including full length isoforms (13), catalytic domains (3), PDE4B deletion mutants (4) and animal PDE4B catalytic domains (6). The PDE4 panel is perfect when looking for PDE4 subtype specific molecules and can be customized to include only the isoforms relevant to you.

The PDE4B deletion mutants can be used to study allosteric inhibitors, important in the search for non-emetic PDE4 inhibition. In addition, High Affinity Rolipram Binding Site (HARBS) assays are available using PDE4B1, PDE4D5 and rat brain homogenate to study emetic potential of PDE4 inhibitors.

PDE Selectivity Panels

 Panel Isoforms
PDE 1-11 Panel 1A3, 2A3, 3CAT, 4CAT, 5CAT, 6AB, 7A, 8A1, 9A1, 10A1, 11A1
PDE 4 Panel 4A1, 4A4, 4A10, 4B1, 4B2, 4B3, 4C2, 4D1, 4D2, 4D3, 4D4, 4D5, 4D7, 4ACAT, 4BCAT, 4DCAT, PDE4B Deletions, mouse 4BCAT, rat 4BCAT, guinea pig 4BCAT, ferret 4BCAT, dog 4BCAT, monkey 4BCAT

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