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Voltage-gated sodium channels are present in the membrane of most excitable cells and comprise of one pore-forming α subunit which may be associated with either one or two β subunits. The family of sodium channels has nine known members named Nav 1.1 through Nav 1.9 with the majority being found primarily in the central nervous system, peripheral neurons and dorsal root ganglia. In addition, some sodium channels are found in cardiac myocytes (primarily Nav 1.5) while Nav 1.4 is located in skeletal muscle.

SB Drug Discovery offers a comprehensive panel of sodium channel assays for HTS, lead optimization studies and selectivity profiling. Our assays have been validated by experienced in-house electrophysiologists using rigorously optimized SOPs to ensure data of the highest quality and consistency.

Fluorescence Screening

sodium channel screening

Sodium channel screening: Rapid high throughput screening of sodium channel cell lines using 384-well fluorescence assays.

Selectivity Panels

sodium channel assays

Selectivity profiling: Choose from standard or customized sodium channel selectivity panels to suit your compound profiling needs.

   High Quality Electrophysiology Assays

Nav1.1 sodium channel assay
Nav1.1 sodium channel assay

Sodium channel electrophysiology: High quality stable cell lines enable generation of robust, repeatable assays. SB offers Nav 1.1 - Nav 1.8 electrophysiology assays in low, medium and high throughput formats. Example above shows effect of increasing concentrations of Tetrodotoxin (TTX) on human Nav 1.1 currents using SyncroPatch automated electrophysiology.

Stable Recordings

Nav1.1 sodium channel assay

Sodium channel stability: SB's sodium channel assays exhibit highly stable sodium channel currents and excellent reproducibility.

Customized Protocols

Nav1.7 sodium channel assay

Flexible options: Choose from standard activation & state-dependence protocols or customized assays to suit your compound's unique properties.

High Throughput Electrophysiology

Nav1.7 HTS

Sodium channel screening: Rapid sodium channel screening assays generate high quality electrophysiology data in 384-well format.

Sodium Channel Assays

Nav 1.1 (α+β1) Nav 1.2 (α+β1) Nav 1.3 (α+β1) Nav 1.4 (α)
Nav 1.5 (α+β1) Nav 1.5 (α+β1) / Kir 2.1 Nav 1.6 (α+β1) Nav 1.7 (α+β1)
Nav 1.7 (α) (dog) Nav 1.7 (α) (monkey) Nav 1.8 (α+β3)  

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