TNF-α Assay

The primary screening tool for inflammatory drug discovery.

Measurement of TNF-α release remains one of the most trusted assays for initial assessment of compounds' potential to modulate inflammation. SB offers library screening and routine profiling of compounds using fresh human whole blood and PBMCs. Assays can be customized based on preferred stimulant, incubation time and concentration range.

SB also offers in-depth follow up studies designed to measure release of a variety of inflammatory cytokines via cytokine profiling studies. 

TNF-α Release Assay

TNFa assay

Figure 1: TNF-α measurements following stimulation of fresh human PBMCs with anti-CD3/CD28.

TNFa assay

Figure 2: dose-dependent effect of beclomethasone on TNF-α release following stimulation of fresh human PBMCs.

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