TRP Channels

TRPML3 Screening Assays

Species: Human

Subunits / Accessory Proteins: N/A

Cell Type: HEK-293

Assay Platforms: FLIPR, Manual Patch Clamp, Automated Patch Clamp

Services: HTS, single concentration / dose response studies, selectivity profiling

TRPML3 - QPatch Assay

TRPML3 assay

Figure 1: Superimposed voltage and current traces showing inward and outward TRPML3 current in the presence of agonist ML-SA1.

TRPML3 - QPatch Assay

TRPML3 assay

Figure 2: Concentration-dependent effect of Gadolinium Chloride on the normalised response obtained from HEK-293 cells stably expressing TRPML3 channels.

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